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TXII (2002-2006) Taxi

TXII 2.4 Ford Engine (89bhp) Diesel (16v) RWD (2402cc) - (01/02-12/06)

DP8829 - Main View


DP8841 - Main View


BS3396 - Main View

Description Pos Type Part No Date Note Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (mm)
Brake Pads FR Lockheed ( DP8829 01/02-12/06 To suit Vented Discs (W105-H75-T18) -
Brake Pads FR Lockheed ( DP8841 01/02-12/06 To suit Solid Discs (W105-H75-T18) -
Brake Shoes RR BS3396 01/02-12/06 - (D250-W70) -

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