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The return of ‘Tru-Surplus’ on eBay.

The so called 'parts explosion' experienced within the automotive aftermarket over the last ten years has resulted in a massive increase in the number of components that distributors need to stock.

An important part of our role as a leading supplier to this market is to ensure that our product ranges are up to date and appropriate for our customers' needs. This requires extensive range extension work and continual investment in updating our stock profiles. It also results in many parts being identified as slow moving or even obsolete and these parts are regularly offered to our existing distributor stockists at discounted prices.

These same parts are now being offered not only to our distributor customers but also to the private motorist who may wish to purchase them. These surplus stocks have already been offered to our own customers but the alternative is to throw them away and that makes no sense at all. When these parts are gone they will not be re-ordered and we will not be able to special order any parts which are mistakenly shown as being available but which are unfortunately not. If this happens please accept our apologies.

Ian Biddle
Managing Director

Here’s how to get started buying from Tru-surplus on EBAY

Step 1: Register with eBay

If you are not an eBay user then registration is free and simple, just follow the instructions on the ebay website.

Step 2: Log in to Tru-Surplus (follow the link at the bottom of this page) and find the item that you require

The easiest way to find things is to use the shop search function which is found on the front page, to use this enter a few descriptive words or the part number that you got from our website into the Search box and click the search button, this will then bring up all listings that include the words or part number you entered into the search box, click on the Tru-surplus listing and you will be on the listing page.

Step 3: Using the ‘Buy it now’ function

Once you are on the Tru-surplus listing page you will be able to buy the item listed at the special price on screen, to do this is a simple procedure. You will see a box with ‘qty’ at the side of it, enter the amount you require 1, 2 etc then click the button with ‘Buy it now’ on it, this will take you to review page where you will confirm that you want to buy the quantity you have entered and that you are happy with the price on the listing.

Step 4: Paying for the item you have just bought

Once you have bought an item from Tru-surplus we will send you an invoice detailing your purchase and asking you to complete the transaction, Tru-surplus prefers to be paid via the ‘Paypal’ payment system which is ebay’s secure payment system, again it is easy to register and set up.

Step 5: What happens next?

Once we receive your payment Tru-surplus will pick, pack and dispatch your order within two working days, you should allow 3 to 5 days for delivery from date of dispatch, we will also send you a message to let you know your item has been dispatched.

Step 6: Leaving feedback

Once you receive your item and you are happy with your purchase then it is time to leave feedback for Tru-surplus, to do this go to your ‘My ebay page’ and look at the item you bought and you will see on the right hand side “leave feedback” click on this and a box will open where you can leave comments about your buying experience with Tru-surplus. Why do this? Well this lets other ebay users see what a good job we are doing and hopefully encourage them to buy from us too, in turn you can expect positive feedback from Tru-surplus

View our Surplus Stock On-line

Follow the link below to go to the Tru-Surplus shop on eBay.
Click Here to see our Current Surplus Stock Listing

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Page Last Updated: 23/06/22